Tech Tip – How To Use ChatGPT As A Collaborative Brainstorming Tool

If you’re working alone but need to brainstorm, you can use ChatGPT as an effective collaborative brainstorming tool, inspiring innovative thinking and generating fresh insights. Here’s how:

– Set the Context: Open ChatGPT, set ‘New chat’ and introduce the brainstorming topic or challenge.

– Engage in Dialogue: Start a conversation with ChatGPT about the topic.

– Encourage Divergent ‘Thinking’: Ask open-ended questions to generate a range of ideas.

– Prompt for Specific Inputs: Provide clear instructions for focused idea generation.

– Explore Generated Responses: Review and extract promising ideas.

– Iterate and Refine: Have a back-and-forth conversation to build upon ideas.

– Document and Evaluate: Keep track of the most promising ideas (ChatGPT stored your chats anyway).

– Combine Human and AI Creativity: Blend ChatGPT’s ideas with your own insights.

– Validate and Implement: Select the most promising ideas and develop an action plan.

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