Network Installations

Network Installations

slider-image2Servers are used to provide centralised services to a network and its users. If configured and used correctly, a server will increase the efficiency of its users, ease administration, and lower costs by sharing expensive resources. We are able to cater for most of your server needs.

Correct installation is critical to making your system work properly. One of the most frequent reasons companies don’t get what they set out to achieve is not that they have the wrong tools or that they don’t know how to use them but that they have not been configured correctly in the first place.

Pulling all the individual components together from many different vendors and putting them together in a reliable configuration specifically designed to match your company’s requirement takes skill and experience. Vaughan-IT have successfully installed hundreds of systems, from the very small to the very large and will provide you with a hard working, highly reliable tool that your business can depend on.

We understand that changing your systems can seem daunting but that’s where we are able to help. Our long and wide experience of planning and monitoring all types and sizes of computing projects means that we can ask the right questions and guide you towards the correct answers. Combining a professional project management methodology with a roll your sleeves up and help attitude and you have a partner that will help you get ahead of the game by making sure that realistic targets are set and hit in terms of performance, timescales and budgets.

Cloud hosting

We can host your servers and data in the cloud.

Website hosting

We can host your website and email.

On-Premise servers

We can setup and support your servers on-premise.


We can host your servers in a secure datacentre.

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